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Budget Gaming Laptop 2020: Value-Packed Gaming Laptop Under 1000$ in 2020

The top 5 best gaming laptop under 1000$ list is here. Now 1000$ is probably not the best budget for a gaming laptop but you can get some solid deals. The best budget gaming laptops for 2020 we made are based on Hardware performance design features and especially price value. We’ve included options for every type of consumer.

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Best Powerd Machine in BudgetASUS TUF FX 505
Best Value for MoneyACER NITRO 5
Best Machine in BudgetDELL G5 15
Best Gaming in BudgetMSI GF 63

If you’re looking for a budget gaming laptop for average gaming or a super-powerful gaming laptop for a great price we’ll have the product for you. But honestly speaking, you can’t expect the laptops in this list to compete with the machines that come with high-end GPUs such as the NVIDIA RTX series. However, they can still run many resource-intensive games because all the models in our list come with powerful GPUs such as the NVIDIA GTX 1660 and 1050series.

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The fifth laptop on our list is the ASUS TUF FX 505. This is the best budget AMD powered machine which made it to our top 5 gaming laptop under 1000$ list at six hundred eighty dollars.

The Asus TUF FX 505 ODT makes this list due to its amazing price of around six hundred eighty dollars, a respectable Hardware set, and the inclusion of Risen Based architecture for those who prefer gaming laptops running AMD instead of Intel.

This laptop includes a full HD1080p display that runs at a 120 Hertz Refresh rate for ultra-high frame rate gaming beyond the traditional 60 frames per second. It’s also an IPS display which means better brightness and picture quality you can get.

The TUF is powered by a quad-core Ryzen 5 CPU 8 gigabytes of DDR 4 ram and a 256 gigabyte SSD drive plus an Nvidia Geforce gtx 1650 video card with 4 gigabytes of on-board ram. Obviously it’s not the most powerful gaming laptop in the world but it can tackle most games at mid-range settings without any issue. Its performance isn’t quite as good as it could be when playing games on low settings however possibly due to the limitations of its single-channel RAM.

The laptop has some nice aesthetics for the mixture of gold steel metal and stealth black cover with brushed aluminum keyboard play and some sleek cutouts on the top cover. The keyboard is RGB lit with several effects including color cycle strobe and breathing mode plus its sports / Stroke Technology that registers keystrokes faster for greater gaming precision.

Now as far as connectivity goes the T-features one combo audio jack, one type a USB 2.0 port, two types a USB 3.1 ports on the land jack, and one HDMI 2.0 port which is about what you’d expect from a laptop of this particular price level. This laptop is about five pounds which aren’t the lightest gaming laptop on the market but it’s also not the heaviest one so we can say a good value for its price and the battery in this also isn’t the best, day to day use can see it get anywhere from four to six hours before requiring a top-up and gaming is going to bring that number down severely so this is a laptop you want to keep plugged in at all times.

The Asus TUF FX 505 makes sacrifices but it does so in the right ways to balance.

The price against the hardware inside for AMD gaming on a budget is our pick and the features also include IPS display. This laptop features an IPS display for good backlighting and excellent viewing angle 120 Hertz refresh rate.

This laptop allows for higher frame rate gaming thanks to a 120 Hertz refresh rate versus the conventional 60 Hertz rise in CPU. This laptop is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU for top quality gaming at a great price.

The pros are the display. The display on this laptop is dangerous for the price point offering 120 Hertz high frame rate gaming with IPS backlighting balanced Hardware this laptop has made the right kind of sacrifices to balance price tag and performance.

The cons are the battery life. This laptop doesn’t feature long battery life when it comes to gaming performance this laptop offers solid gaming performance but less so when playing games at lower settings





This the fourth one on our list. The Acer Nitro 5 is a great value per dollar gaming laptop. It comes at seven hundred twenty dollars.

If it’s the true balance between gaming power and price that you’re looking for then Acer offers the Nitro 5 to fill your needs at just under seven hundred twenty dollars. It has attractive price points and some good hardware underneath the hood. 

The Nitro 5 is powered by an 8 gen Intel Core i5 CPU with 12 gigabytes of DDR 4 RAM and a 256 gigabyte SSD drive. The 15.6-inch display is IPS powered for greater backlight and brightness and runs in 1920 by 1080 resolution though it lacks the 120 Hertz refresh rate. Powering the graphics is a 1050 Ti GPU which is solid as far as game performance goes and can’t play current games at medium to high detail.

Without much, the colors of the nitro 5 screen are a bit understated, however, and not quite as vibrant as you’d expect but that’s a minor issue for a laptop at this price range though. Connectivity-wise the Nitro 5 offers a USB 3.1 port, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB a 3.0 port, an SD card slot headphone and mic jack Gigabit Ethernet Port, and an HDMI port which is standard fare.

Now one of the best features of the Nitro 5 is as expandability by accessing components from the bottom of the laptop one can add in a 2.5 inch SSD or traditional hard drive another stick of RAM and even the ability to add an endpoint tube-based SSD stick which is highly advantageous if you want to bump the power-up.

Battery life is predictably minimal, lasting little more than two hours from gaming so it’s important to keep it plugged in. Regular use sees the laptop hit about 5 to 6 hours and not much more than that. The inclusion of 12 gigabytes of RAM seems rather unnecessary as well for the hardware inside 8 gigabytes would have sufficed here but the extra form may give a little more headway when it comes to daily multitasking. It’s also a little on the heavier side and nearly 6 pounds the Nitro 5 is a tremendously good value for the dollar offering solid performance for a great price and the features include decent hardware.

This gaming laptop sports a solid I 5 CPU, a strong graphics card, and a generous amount of RAM. The 1080p IPS panel offers good brightness and great viewing angles.

The pros are valuing. This gaming laptop offers great performance for its price range thanks to its Hardware set.

And for the cons it’s heavy. This laptop weighs almost 6 pounds making it less suited for travel and mediocre colors. This laptop’s IPS screen doesn’t produce as much color vibrancy as expected.


DELL G5 15



The third one on our list is the Dell g5 15. This is a great value per dollar gaming laptop which made it to our top 5 gaming laptop under 1000$ at only seven hundred and sixty-one dollars.

Another contender for a laptop offering great value per dollar is Dell’s own g5 15 an Intel-powered gaming laptop with solid design and a few nice bells and whistles to go along with it at just seven hundred dollars. It’s also easy on the wallet.

The g5 15 is powered by a quad-core Intel i5 with a 4.0 gigahertz turbo boost function plus 8 gigabytes of RAM, a 10 50 TI video card, and a whopping one terabyte hard drive with accompanying 128 gigabyte SSD.

This means super-fast performance with plenty of storage for games and other media which makes the G515 an attractive prospect for those who want a machine with more storage headway. The LED-backlit screen runs a respectable 1920 by 1080 resolution which is decent for a laptop at this price range.

Colors are strong though not the best in this range but gaming performance is very solid when it comes to 60 FPS gaming and can tackle most games easily at mid to high settings. The battery life is surprisingly strong as well the laptop gets about 10 hours when playing movies back-to-back which is advantageous if you’re a media fan as well as a gamer.

Naturally, this number Falls to around 3 to 4 hours during gaming sessions which is understandable. The weight of this machine is over 6 pounds which makes it less than ideal. When it comes to portability it does come with the right inputs including an HDMI 2.0 port,, 3 USB 3.1 ports, a two-in-one SD slot, and a headphone mic jack as well as a mini DisplayPort jack and an RJ 45 killer networks Ethernet Port.

The g5 15 provides the correct hardware for a laptop at this price point. The Intel i5 chip was the right choice for this model as an i7 CPU wouldn’t have been justifiable given the small difference in performance. It also includes automatic overclocking technology in case you require the extra horsepower to run certain tasks.

When it comes to great value for dollar gaming laptops the g5 15 is a rockstar. It offers a strong level of gaming performance with some enhanced battery life and a nice display to keep your gaming sessions going strong.

The features include an 8th gen Intel i5 CPU of this laptop is more than adequate for gaming and was the right choice over an i7 LED display. This laptop includes a very attractive display thanks to LED backlighting technology.

The pros are battery life this laptop features a stronger battery than most in its class allowing for extended gaming and media sessions. The build quality, this laptop is built solid thanks to Dell’s quality control with a strong set of hardware under the hood. The storage, this laptop features a 128 gigabyte SSD for fast performance plus a one terabyte hard drive for lots of storage.

And for the cons, it’s heavy at over 6 pounds this is one of the more heavy laptops on the market and not suited for portability





The second on our list is the MSI GF 63. This is the best gaming laptop under $1000 coming at eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

If $1000 is your absolute budget then you do have more options when it comes to power quotient in your laptop of choice. The MSI GF 63 offers excellent quality hardware for a price tag of eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars which gives it some room to pack more hardware under the hood. 

The GF 63 features a 1080p full HD display at 1920 by 1080 and it’s IPS based so you can expect some nice brightness and image quality. It’s also got a thin bezel that is attractive for almost edge-to-edge gaming under the hood.

The GF 63 runs on an Intel i5 9300 CPU with a maximum clock speed of 4.1 gigahertz for some more gaming juice when required. It also has 8 gigabytes of ddr4 memory running slightly faster than average at 2600 megahertz clock speed with the ability to expand that storage to 64 gigabytes if desired.

Storage wise the GF63 offers a 256 gigabyte SSD drive and it completes the package with an NVIDIA GTX 1650 video card for strong gaming performance.

The GF 63 is nice to look at as well it has a brushed aluminum design with sleek lines crimson red backlit LED keys and glowing logo for a little extra pizzazz. It’s no slouch when it comes to cooling either with two fans, seven pipes, and four exhausts to banish heat during intense game sessions.

It’s also a very light laptop at just one point nine pounds which is remarkable and it makes a great portable option. The GF 63 offers a compromise in the form of reported seven-hour battery life during extended gaming sessions although we’d take this with a grain of salt and believe it’s more in the four to five range.

When it comes to connectivity the GF 63 has plenty of options including three USB 3.1 ports, a USB C port, Ethernet ports, separate mic, and headphone jacks, and an HDMI port for secondary display gaming on. The GF 63 offers excellent performance but its display is slightly less quality than some competitors at the $899 range. It’s impossible to expect a dynamite display and this one does the job admirably despite lacking a higher color and some more detail.

The features include NVIDIA graphics. This laptop includes a gtx 1650 Nvidia graphics card for solid gaming performance. The screen, this laptop features a modest IPS display with a thin bezel designed for better edge to edge viewing. Also light and thin, this laptop is very lightweight and thin making it easy to carry around.

The pros are good hardware for a sub-one thousand dollar gaming laptop. This model has some strong hardware to tackle most games at decent settings. Lightweight, this laptop is very light at just under 2 pounds making it extremely easy to carry around.

And for the cons, the display of this gaming laptop can’t match the screens offered by certain competitors.





The first product on our list is Acer predator Helios 300. This is our best overall affordable gaming laptop coming at one thousand and ninety dollars.

If it’s strong gaming power you seek at an affordable price range then the Acer predator Helios 300 is a top candidate at one thousand and ninety dollars. It’s more expensive than others on this list but it makes up for it with a strong hardware set that cannot be beaten.

The Helios 300 provides a 9th generation Intel i7 6 core processor with a top clock speed of 4.5 gigahertz which is astonishingly fast. This is 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram for strong multitasking capabilities plus an Nvidia gtx 1660 TI graphics card with 6 gigabytes have dedicated onboard v ram this is a strong combination of hardware that can tackle most games with little issue.

The 1080p display runs at 1920 by 1080 and features a super-fast 144 megahertz refresh rate for high frame rate gaming beyond the 60 FPS norm it has a response time of 3 milliseconds which is remarkably quick and eliminates ghosting and other unpleasant artifacts from games all this plus IPS backlighting technology for brilliant brightness and image quality.

The only drawback to the hardware set is the somewhat underwhelming 256 gigabyte SSD which seems out of place amidst all this power. Thankfully the Helios 300 includes an endpoint 2 slot 4 SSD sticks to expand storage with incredibly fast drive options.

Connectivity is well too. It includes a USB C 3.1 port for up to 10 gigabytes per second transfer, 3 USB 3.1 gen 2 on ports and HDMI 2 port with HDCP support one mini-display 1.4 port and a killer ethernet port that covers pretty much everything.

The Helios 300 comes with predator scent software installed to command lighting fan speed overclocking AMD game profiles with the touch of a button the inclusion of double-shot Pro software allows you to determine which applications get the most use out of your internet bandwidth and the backlit keyboard is not only attractive to look at but functional with highlights for W A S and D keys for gamers. Finally, it keeps the machine running cool thanks to fourth-generation AeroBlade 3d fan technology.

The laptop claims a six-hour battery life but it’s actually closer to three which is the one downside of the Helios 300 over other laptops in its class. It’s also slightly heavier than other models at just over five pounds which means portability is less ideal and.

Well, it’s hard to beat the Helios 300 when it comes to sheer power at this price point however performance is rock-solid. It has plenty of fantastic features and it’s a reliable power player on this list.

The features include 144 Hertz display this laptop offers high frame rate gaming thanks to a 144 Hertz display which is great for die-hard gamers backlit keyboard illuminated backlit keys with highlighted W A S and D keys make this a gamer-centric keyboard with great feedback powerful hardware. This laptop features a six-core CPU with 16gigabytes of RAM and a 16 60 TI video card, the perfect union of hardware components for this machine.

The pros are very powerful for the price point the helios 300 sports remarkable power thanks to its CPU GPU and ram combo the display enthusiast gamers will appreciate the beautiful IPS display with 144 Hertz refresh rate for high frame rate gaming.

And for the con battery life the Helios 300 can’t last very long in full gaming sessions topping out around 3 hours and small storage, the Helios 300 includes a 256 gigabyte SSD which is out of place for a laptop with this much power. No doubt that this is the first machine of our top 5 best gaming laptop under 1000$ list.

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